This is a crowd-sourced wesbite. Our intention is to create a useful community resource that supports local and national campaigns and actions aimed at halting the rollout of harmful 5G technolgy. It is also a resource for members of the public to educate themselves about 5G (and the hazards of EMFs generally) and then ideally join or otherwise support their local and/or national campaign. Please contact us if you have any content suggestions, links or questions.

Our Mission: Educate – Evaluate – Empower

Educate – what is 5G? Do we need it? Benefits? Detriments?

Evaluate – how to measure its effects; can we measure our exposure?

Empower – how to stop, how to protect against

N.B. And it’s not just 5G that is the issue, you will see that much of the science showing the harmful effects of wireless non-ionising radiation relates also to 4G.

Quick Overview 

Legal Action Against 5G

A challenge to Public Heath England and three government departments was launched on 20 May. Fundraising on CrowdJustice started on 23 May and reached its initial target of £50,000 in five days. Please donate below to help reach the final target of £150,000. Download fundraising flyer.


Urgent Campaigner Actions

Help local campaign groups object to mast planning applications

Bristol are opposing 14 masts and are in urgent need of support – please contact friends in Bristol and send them here.



International Appeal Stop 5G on Earth and in Space

Nearly 200,000 signatures from around the world. Let’s help make it a million. Read and sign here.

Sign more petitions here.

Find a Local Campaign

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