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Arrived at this page and not sure why we need to object to 5G masts? Start here &/or see Health Effects.


Please contact us at bristolrafg[at] if you can help our objection campaigns to any of the masts below. Here’s an idea of some of the steps that could be taken and here’s a list of specific help needed. We’d be very grateful if you could also put in an objection to each of the masts below. Non Bristol residents may also object if they have family and friends in Bristol who they are concerned about. However, please note “Anonymous comments cannot be accepted. A name and postal address is essential when deciding whether to grant planning permission because it allows us to assess the information and take into account where you are in relation to the application.”

The planning website is a bit glitchy so please ensure you get a popup notification with confirmation after you submit your objection; leave it a while and then check your objection shows on the Documents tab. If you have objected to a different mast previously, be careful that you delete that text from the form before writing your new objection. If you make an error or duplication, you can email planning and ask them to correct it. Please ensure you receive an email confirmation of your objection. If you do not, please email your objection to and cc the case officer.


See for the most up-to-date guidance on how to object to mast planning applications.


What can you object about?

1) Pollution and consequent risks to wildlife and public health

It is national policy that planners cannot consider public health as long as the mast application has an ICNIRP (International Commission of Non-Ionising Radiation Protection) certificate BUT this is a fallacy, as legally, planners must make evidence-based decisions on public health material planning grounds.

If you would like to object on health grounds, it is important to include this point, so we suggest including these specific statements and information:-

** add in other credible scientific evidence references as you wish.


2) Siting and Appearance

For a Prior-approval application (the majority), You can object on grounds of siting and appearance – which includes proximity to residential dwellings, schools, university buildings, residential care homes, nurseries and so on. Ecological harm (e.g. to bees and trees) and health & safety (lack of risk assessment etc) are material planning considerations so can be included as well.

Factors concerning siting may involve:

  • height of the site in relation to surrounding land
  • topography of the site and vegetation
  • openness and visibility of the site
  • designated areas
  • the site in relation to existing masts
  • structures or buildings
  • proximity to residential property, schools, colleges, universities, care homes

With regard to appearance this can include details such as:

  • materials
  • colour
  • design
  • dimensions
  • overall shape
  • solid or open framework
  • could also mention disquietening appearance of masts affecting people’s quiet enjoyment of the neighbourhood, and possibly leading to anxiety and mental health issues


What Makes the Difference? >> Local Support!

What our small core team can do:

  • Monitor the planning site for new applications
  • Compile a summary Info Page for each new application
  • Create a flyer and flyer the area closest to the mast to find local residents willing to go further
  • Create systems, templates and advise you with your campaign

What local residents/schools/businesses can do:

All the rest – see our Next Steps page.


Make Your Objection

Using the table below, please use the Info Page link to make your objection as this gives guidance on how to object most effectively and details of the grounds for objection for the specific mast. Where there is no Info Page yet available, please use the Application link which will take you directly to the Comments tab to make your objection. Thank you! 

N.B. If you find a problem with any of the links below, you can go directly to and search using the Application Reference ending in /Y or /F

*Latest date to object? The deadline date in the table below is the later of the ‘Consultation Expiry Date’ and the ‘Latest Site Notice Expiry Date’ (shown in black text). Where this date has passed, the decision date is shown in red. The planning site says that objections will be noted until the decision is made, but some case officers ask for objections a few days earlier so they can make their case report within the deadline. So don’t risk it – object NOW!

Decision result: A Approved, R Refused, W Withdrawn, APP Appealed. Masts in italics (at the top) have been decided so can no longer be objected to.






Click link to download flyer

Postcode Deadline*

A/R decision

Info Page

Click for details how


Click to object

Butler House, Summerhill Rd
BS5 8HQ 24/6/20 A 20/01859/Y
SW Whitehall Road
BS5 9BT 28/6/20  R 20/01883/Y
Gill Avenue, Fishponds
BS16 2NW 5/7/20 R 20/01998/Y
Smoke Lane, Avonmouth
BS11 9BP 6/7/20 R
College Rd, Clifton
BS8 3JH 7/7/20 R 20/02039/Y
St Philip’s Causeway
BS4 3BD 8/7/20 R 20/02055/Y
Princess St Bedminster
BS3 4AG 8/7/20 R 20/02056/Y
Newfoundland Court
BS2 9AP 13/7/20 R 20/02131/Y
TA Centre Dorian Road**, Horfield
BS7 0XL 24/7/20 20/02285/F
Inns Court Avenue, Knowle
BS4 1SR 23/7/20 R 20/02291/Y
5 Fernhurst Road, Fishpond
BS5 7FG 26/7/20 R 20/02324/Y
Coronation Road, Bedminster
BS3 1AB 28/7/20 R 20/02330/F
Tower House Fairfax Street, City Centre
BS1 3BN 28/7/20 A 20/02363/Y
Opposite 129 Ashley Road, St Pauls
BS6 5NT 5/8/20 R 20/02502/Y
Opposite 60 Lockleaze Road
BS7 9RU 5/8/20 R 20/02501/Y
Ashley Down Old Boys Rfc**, Lockleaze
BS7 9YU 30/7/20 A P20/09767/F
Lime Trees Rd, Horfield
BS6 7XW 12/8/20 20/02619/Y
Passage Rd, Westbury on Trym

BS9 3HR 12/8/20 R 20/02618/Y
St Clements House Marsh Street City Centre
BS1 4BH 17/8/20 R/ APP 20/02711/Y
Frenchay Park Rd, Broomhill
BS16 1HB 20/8/20 R 20/02765/Y
Redcatch Rd, Knowle
BS4 2EY 1/9/20 W 20/02976/Y
Speedwell Rd
BS15 1ER 8/9/20 W 20/03114/Y
Sofa Project George Jones Rd, St Phillip
BS2 0QA 9/9/20 A 20/03138/Y
Layby On Greystoke Avenue, Southmead
BS10 5NZ 9/9/20 R 20/03139/Y
Stockwood Lane, Stockwood
BS14 8SY 2/9/20 R 20/03137/Y
Bristow Broadway And St Brendans Way, Avonmouth
BS11 9HA 13/9/20 A 20/03193/Y
Whitchurch Sports Centre Bamfield
BS14 0ZZ 15/9/20 W 20/03248/Y
Land Front Of Stockwood Precinct, Stockwood
BS14 8PG 22/9/20 R 20/03389/Y
Birchwood Rd, Brislington
BS4 4QN 24/9/20 R 20/03445/Y
Student Union 105 Queens Rd, Clifton
BS8 1LN 28/9/20 A 20/03473/F
Easton Way At Junction With Stapleton Road
BS5 0QA 30/9/20 R 20/03739/Y
Albion Rd, Greenbank
BS5 8DJ 6/10/20 R 20/03639/Y
Land At Broadmead (Outside Of Costa Coffee), City Centre
BS1 3HA 14/10/20
R 20/03921/Y
Bristol Marriott Hotel Lower Castle Street, City Centre
BS1 3AD 14/10/20
A 20/03994/Y
Compound Adjacent To 5 Fernhurst Rd, Fishpond
BS5 7FG 13/10/20 A 20/04199/Y
Lake Shore Drive, Headley Park
BS13 7BA 25/11/20 R 20/04591/Y
Tesco Car Park Eastgate Road
BS5 6XX 23/11/20 R 20/04848/Y
Telephone Exchange, Telephone Avenue, City Centre
BS1 4BH 18/12/20 W 20/03501/F
Opposite 60 Lockleaze Road
BS7 9RU 30/12/20 R 20/05550/Y
Greystoke Avenue, Southmead (re-application)
BS10 5NZ 18/01/21 R 20/05641/Y
Blackswarth Road BS5 8AU 20/01/21 20/05752/F
Oakhill Mansions (Cedar Care Home), College Park Drive
BS10 7QD 13/01/21 W 20/05695/F
Barton Hill Rugby Club
BS15 1NS 03/02/21 R 20/06045/Y
126 Broadwalk, Knowle
BS4 2RS 03/02/21 R 20/05899/Y
Allison Road, Brislington
BS4 4HE 10/02/21 R 20/06175/F
Senate House (Bristol Uni), Tyndall Avenue BS8 1TH 26/02/21 21/00132/F
Tower House, Fairfax St, city centre BS1 3BN 03/03/21 21/00318/F
Coronation Road, Bedminster BS3 1AB 03/03/21 21/00319/F
Big Yellow Storage, Winterstoke Road
BS3 2NS 14/04/21 A 21/01188/Y
Easton Way at Junction with Stapleton Road
BS5 0QA 12/05/21 R 21/01641/Y
South Bristol Church and Community Trust, Withywood Centre, Bishopsworth BS13 8QA 19/05/21 21/01701/F
Princess Street, Bedminster
BS3 4AG 12/05/21 R 21/01869/Y
Gilda Parade, Whitchurch BS14 9HP 10/05/21 21/01787/F
Fifth Way, Lawrence Western
BS11 8DT 15/06/21 A 21/02239/Y
Royate Hill Junction Fishponds Road
BS5 6EB 23/06/21 21/02554/Y
Redcliff Hill, city centre
BS1 6RF 23/06/21 21/02553/Y
St Andrews Road / Kings Weston Lane, Avonmouth
BS11 BAY 23/06/21 21/02571/Y
St Edyths Church, Sea Mills BS9 2HU 30/06/21 21/02919/F
Edge Of Green, Shirehampton Road, Sea Mills BS9 2EQ 07/07/21 21/02990/Y
Base Station Opposite 84 Two Mile Hill Road BS15 1BB 07/07/21 21/02994/Y
Pavement (opposite 72) Church Road Lawrence Hill BS5 9JS 07/07/21 21/02995/Y
530 Bishport Avenue BS13 9LJ 21/03338/Y
3 Portview Road BS11 9GQ 21/07/21 21/03276/Y
Land Adjoining St Augustines Park, Whitchurch BS14 0LN 21/07/21 21/03232/Y
Mast Outside Oasis Academy Connaught Melvin Square BS4 1AT 14/07/21 21/03115/Y

IMPORTANT!! This page is being updated constantly. Please refresh your browser for the most recent updates.

** Full Planning application, others are Prior Approval applications and will be deemed approved unless we are able to convince the planning department to refuse them.

Mast Resources

See for the most up-to-date guidance on how to object to mast planning applications.


N.B. Where the link leads to a Google Document, go to File-Download to download & edit Word Doc.

Initial Steps suggestions     Next Steps suggestions

Information Page templates: Prior Approval application    Full Planning application

A4 Flyer template    A5 Flyer Template     General Info Leaflets    Crib sheet when flyering

Detailed Objection templates: Prior Approval (colour-coded)     Full Planning

Read Case Officer reports for refused masts here as gives clear indication of what works as objection issues.

Join the Bristol Campaign Group

Our Bristol campaign has been meeting regularly every 2-3 weeks from September to March. As physical meetups are not possible at the current time, we are now meeting on Zoom (see Calendar) and also hooking up with other campaigns around the country so we can be more effective.

Do sign-up to our newsletter & stay informed about what’s going on in with the Bristol campaign. Use our Join Our Campaign form to tell us a bit about yourself and how you might like to be involved. No problem if you don’t know yet, there’s lots of options including ad hoc help if you have time and energy, Council meetings/Civic, Communications & Media, Health, Wildlife, Environment, public awareness and more.

Every day, more and more people are waking up to the reality of 5G and what this means, not just for our health, but for wildlife and the environment at large.

Thank you for being here and for being part of the solution.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead


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