22 February, 2020 – Dr Tressider Talk re ES at Theosophical Society Bristol

18 April, 2020 – The Jenny Fry Memorial Lectures run by EMF Aware (Sussex). Its about 100 tickets available and it will be great opportunity to meet researchers and speakers: Olle Johansen – Debbie Fry -Christian Jensen – Dr Theordere Metsis (Greece) – Prof Wilhem Mosgoeller (University of Vienna) – Dr Erica Mallery Blythe

22 April –  Earth Day – theme for this year is Climate Change – possibilities to coordinate with Global 5G Protest Day?

25/26 April, 2020 Global 5G Protest Day

22 May, 2020  Launch of CrowdJustice funding page for Legal Action Against 5G

6 June, 2020  Global 5G Protest Day

6 June, 2020 – World Environment Day & Stop 5G Hike in Nature Reserve, Stanmore

16 June, 2020 – World Electrosensitivity Day

21 June, 2020  Global 5G Protest Day



Please send us details of 5G/EMF-related events (ideally including a link to further information). You can also attach a flyer if you have one.