Snooping Gadgets – Don’t pay to bug yourself!

Ooh what fun…Just a minute! Gadgets with a snooping ability

Wifi light bulbs that listen to youThanks to a friend who pointed out these voice-controlled light bulbs recently (21 Jan 2020):

Light bulbs that listen to you?! 😯
WiFi smart bulbs. These are from the States, but we’ve recently seen WiFi bulbs for sale in Wilkinsons.

Amazon listing: Remote and Voice Control: Control the smart bulb anytime anywhere via Meross app, no distance limitation. Voice control the bulb with Amazon Alexa, Echo, Echo Dot, Google Assistant and Google Home effortlessly. All data is securely transmitted and stored using Amazon AWS servers in US.

You might think these are a ‘cool’ buy and not realise that these guys don’t just ‘stick their fingers in the ears’ when you’re not talking to them directly. They are relaying every word or sigh you utter to Amazon AWS servers. ‘Turn the lights down, darling!’

Where else do we need to ‘wise up’? Let us know in the comments of other utilities and gadgets you find that are best avoided for privacy and security reasons.