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New Installations at St John’s Church

Starting Monday 9 May, installers from 3UK (Hutchisons – the same company as withdrawn Park Farm Rd 5G mast) have been installing what they say is 3G Ericsson equipment to replace older 3G equipment. Engineers confirmed that there is also an EE mast (4G?) in the tower which has already been upgraded.

Members of our group met with the vicar and a church council member on 17 May to inform them of our concerns and ask that the contract for the mast is not renewed when it expires later this year. The meeting was friendly and with a commitment to continue communications. Recent meter readings close to the church show EMF levels to be worryingly high – see here. We have been asked to keep the church informed of future readings.

We urge friends and parishioners to educate members of the PCC on the dangers of EMFs so that they decide not to renew the telecoms mast contract and so protect parishioners, the public and the children at St John’s Infant School and Nursery approx 50m from the tower. Please contact us if you would like to help make information available in a format suitable for council members who belong to the older generation.

‘EMF Radiation & Your Health’ – Public Event 4 May 2022

Event Resources – see here for further info on topics covered at the event.


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If you have arrived at this page, and you’re not sure whether you need be concerned about 5G, please see the links below:

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Slides for Glastonbury Presentation on 5G 1.12.21


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Facebook Groups:

 Stop 5G Glastonbury and Surrounding Area  (Most active and most members)

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Information specific to Glastonbury and 5G

Upcoming Campaign Meetings and Events  Next Campaign Meeting Monday 27 June 2022 7.30-9.30pm

We meet fortnightly now on Mondays 7.30-9.30pm at the Avalon Community Centre, 1 King St, Glastonbury BA6 9JY

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Glastonbury Masts & Objections

Mast Objections – current mast planning applications and how to object to them

More mast resources

Mendip District Council Information – Objecting to mast applications



Masts to be Aware of

Inside St John’s Church Tower 4G?

Tower near Red Brick Building 4G?


Current Mast Application

***UPDATE: This mast application was withdrawn on 7 April 2022 – More details to follow***

***Park Farm Rd DNS, Verge Beckery Road, Beckery Industrial Estate, Glastonbury BA6 9QA

20m (66 ft) 5G monopole proposed to replace existing 12.5m 4G mast

Consultation deadline was 7 December, 2021 but objections being accepted until 8 April (or possibly later!), 2022 – CLICK HERE >> Info and how to object ***

N.B. Park Farm Rd mast is the first application since Glastonbury Town Council adopted the Precautionary Principle to stop 5G so important we stop this one! See here.

Download the flyer and print (A4 double-sided B&W works well)  PDF (Download or view)    Word (Download) Includes hints for objections.

CLICK >> here – to see which local streets already flyered and which need doing – please keep updated.

Help offered/needed in making your objection? Click here


Click Application Ref to Object: 2021/1951/FUL<< CLICK HERE TO OBJECT

The planning portal above is the best way to object. You will need to register on the portal if you haven’t already. Please ensure that you get an email confirmation and check that your objection appears here in the list of Documents (updated in office hours though may take a few hours to appear). As there are so many objections, it’s easiest to Click Ctrl (or Cmd on Mac) + F to reveal the search box and type in your name to see if it’s there.

It’s best to prepare your objection in a text editor such as Word and then copy-paste into the planning portal as this times out after 30 mins and you may lose your work if not saved elsewhere.

If for any reason you cannot access the planning portal, you can send your objection by email to and quote the planning ref 2021/1951/FUL as well as your name and address. These objections can take 5-7 days to be uploaded.

Although there are many possible reasons and justifications to object to this mast, it is also fine to submit a short, simple objection which would take you no more than 10-15 minutes e.g. objecting to the unsightly mast spoiling the famous views; health concerns as mast is close to housing and schools; you already have an adequate signal (if local to the mast site); and ideally, upholding the Precautionary Principle.

Images for Current Mast Objection

Park Farm Rd, Beckery 20m monopole  

Proposed side elevation


Google map

UPDATE – Even closer houses now found.

Explore for yourself here: Google Maps

View of existing 12.5m mast from Benedict St – in centre . Proposal is for 20m!
Existing 12.5m mast with Tor in background
Existing 12.5m mast with Tor in background.
High radiation levels at existing 4G mast
High radiation levels at existing 4G mast