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Looking for ways to plug into the urgent UK Halt 5G campaigns?

Are you an editor, writer, illustrator, researcher,  proofreader, photographer, graphic designer, video director, public relations professional, public speaker, events organiser, fundraiser, have local government experience, campaigning experience? Or do you have time and energy and are willing to just dig in to what’s needed?

Your skills and/or time and energy are needed in the  Halt 5G campaigns and websites that are springing up locally and nationally!


There are several ways in which you can join our campaign depending on your preference and availability.

Update May 2020: Physical meetups are currently on hold pending the end of lockdown. In the meantime we have moved our campaign primarily online and hold Zoom calls which will be notified by email. If you are unable to attend Zoom calls, other options to be involved are via phone, email, WhatsApp, chat etc.


Please complete the form below if you would like to play an active part nationally (and maybe locally) in stopping 5G and educating people about its inherent dangers. If you, prefer to join a local campaign, please see here.

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(If you prefer to just be informed of progress and to share information, you can instead sign up to our Newsletter and Donate to help fund our campaign.)

If you have a wide sphere of influence and/or have scientific, engineering, medical, wildlife or other expertise relating to 5G or EMFs generally, please also complete our secure Influencers and Experts form.


Join our new Media Team

If you’re enthusiastic about contributing to this and other campaign websites, making video, sharing stuff on social media, writing blog posts and articles or being a spokesperson, we’d love to hear from you! See our Media Team page.

We’d especially love some social media help to spread the word about the new legal case crowdfunder initiated by Legal Action Against 5G.