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Russian government recommends banning Wi-Fi and cell phones in schools (17.7.20)

Anger over plan for 5G mast near school – article on Bristol Live (15.7.20)

Boris Johnson bans Huawei from UK’s 5G network in major U-turn (Independent 14.7.20)

Launch of Legal Action Against 5G fundraising page on CrowdJustice (23.5.20)

Launch of new UK legal campaign website (8.5.20)

RFK, Jr. Joins EM Radiation Research Trust in Calling Upon UK Prime Minister to Halt 5G Deployment (Children’s Health Defense blog 5.5.20)

Nigerian Senate asks Federal Government to suspend 5G network deployment (Punch Newspaper 5.5.20)

Health workers call for caution over 5G roll-out (Brussels Times 2.5.20)

Smart tech’s carbon footprint (The Ecologist 30.4.20)

Glastonbury Calls for 5G Enquiry (Glastonbury Town Council 29.4.20)

Complaint against children’sonline newspaper ‘First News’ Article: ‘There is no 5G Conspiracy’ (27.4.20)

Effects of 5G wireless communication on human health (European Parliament Briefing 11.2.20)

Electrosensitivity: ‘I didn’t believe people had it, then it happened to me’ (BBC News 7.2.20)

Radio waves: reducing exposure from mobile phones (Public Health England 4.2.20 update to guidance from UK government) – This is a great step!

SpaceX’s ‘illegal’ fleet of 5G satellites could wipe out life on Earth (Daily Star 1.2.20)

Rollout of smart motorways put on hold amid safety concerns (Guardian 30.1.20)

60 more ‘Starlink’ satellites launched by SpaceX (30.1.20)

Over 100 News Stories Covering the 5G Global Protest Day! (27.1.20)

Former ICNIRP member advocates that wireless must get a more stringent cancer risk class (27.1.20)

Slovenia becomes the first country in the world to refuse 5G, at least temporarily (24.1.20)

5G Space Appeal and 5G Appeal Presented at No 10 Downing St (22.1.20)

Anti-5G campaigners label plans for Bournemouth as ‘vote for genocide’ (Daily Echo 16.1.20)

Six Italian Courts Have Ruled that Cell Phones Cause Brain Tumors (13.1.20)

Diary of Events in 2019 (The Liberty Beacon 3.12.19)