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I initially looked into 5G trying to allay people’s fears about it.  My main concern was the implications of the technology on privacy for the private individual, I didn’t think health was the concern.  Anyway, after a lot of research on both sides of the debate, the preponderance of evidence showed me this is a major health and welfare issue, it underlined my concerns about privacy too.  Following this realisation I felt I had to do something, hence this group

We are based in South West London and try not browbeat or berate but let people know what the issues are.

Grateful to have people in the group who have knowledge and expertise and are… nice for want of a better word!  We have great information on our site and if you want to know more than 99% of people (including our reps) have a look at the concise and easy to read document called ‘5G and the Precautionary Principle’ below.  You are welcome to share it.

You are also welcome to help, is there anything you enjoy doing? Even if it’s not apparent where you think it could help let us know.  Not sure how you’d like to help yet, no problem there’ll be opportunities along the road.

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