UK Stop 5G Media Team

Websites – content creation & reviewing

Develop suite of authority websites: – comprehensive crowd-sourced resource for UK public and local campaign groups – supporting legal action – fibre action for safer telecoms technology

??? – site based on Common Law approach being developed


Content required for – see – please contact via Contact Form if you’re interested.

In the process of creating a review process and team – who would like to be involved? See initial ideas here.


Video/Audio Creation

Various initiatives starting:

Daily 5G – 3-5 min regular videos &/or memes – Let’s Talk 5G Facebook Page – short videos of people asking questions

Group in Switzerland wanting to start making 15 min webinars in German and also English – hooking up with stop5ginternatonal?

Expert interviews – webinars/videos – let’s create them

Campaign Q&A webinars?

Create a podcast?


Create content guidelines – what do we cover and what not, branding/logos, review process – who would like to join the team?

Find secure independent platforms to host content – suggestions welcome – Systems team will evaluate.

People willing to share their thoughts on different aspects of 5G – ordinary people and experts – get in touch if you would like to or have a recommendation

Video/audio creators and editors – please get in touch


Social Media & Images


We need effective images, graphics, memes, infographics, GIFs etc – to be shared on websites, social media, ads (if we can get away with it!)

Photographers and Graphic designers please get in touch

Social media channels – main ones associated with stop 5G campaign websites and others – perhaps with branding which will fly under the radar of media censorship

Social media marketers and enthusiasts to share the content

Influencers with large followers to share the content – who do you know?

Ensure all content is linked back to relevant authority content on website, fundraising pages and there is a clear call to action


PR- Press – Journalists – Bloggers


PR professionals – we have some already

Database of friendly (or at least open) media outlets

Personal connection with journalists and bloggers – who do you know?

Do you write articles? Do you have a blog? Please contact us.


Media Spokespeople


Are you well-informed about 5G or particular aspects of it (expert or otherwise), articulate, calm under fire, representative of certain demographics (young person, electro-sensitive, parent etc)? We need you!


N.B. All media above needs to be aware of and support key actions taken nationally and sometimes internationally. There needs to be an over-arching media plan to ensure this happens as well as allowing for flexibility, creativity and individual campaigns.

Initial contact for media contributions and queries: