Microwave Radiation Insecticide Patents

Microwave radiation insect exterminator – search for this in Google Patents and see what you find!

When the person you are speaking with tells you the reason for the decline in insects is ”because of pesticides”…

Here is a list of 22 (approved/granted) US Patents that use electromagnetic microwave radiation (at various frequencies and power) to exterminate insects, either in close proximity but also, in larger areas such as factories and across fields.

Pesticides and insecticides are certainly a factor in the serious decline, but the steadily growing proliferation of giant microwave masts and antennas strewn across our cities and all across our countryside areas is a definite cause for the widespread harm, death and sterilization of the insect population.
☢️ Here are the various US Patents (that have been approved) for the use of insect extermination & sterilization and/or to effectively cause ‘insect internal molecular friction’ to generate ‘deadly heat’🔥. The patent below states that the frequency is in the range of 2.46 GHz – (WiFi is 2.4 GHz and your microwave oven is 2.5 GHz)

Microwave radiation insect exterminator
Abstract: A non-toxic extermination device is disclosed herein having an RF radiation generator providing microwave, high frequency waves for penetration through solid obstacles such as walls, floors, partitions or the like. The generated waves are characterized as being effective to cause insect internal molecular friction to generate deadly heat.

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