Object to Mast Planning Applications

Please check your local planning portal and search current applications for terms such as monopole, mast, antenna.

See rfinfo.co.uk/masts for the most up-to-date guidance on how to object to mast planning applications.


See example objections for masts

Example flyers could be adapted for each mast: Urban location    Rural location    Reverse side info

If you are objecting several masts, you may find it easier and cheaper to create a simple Word doc flyer (A5) or poster (A4) using this template and print yourself.

Full Planning Application example Larkhall mast in Bath (application successfully withdrawn) Doc  PDF

Prior Approval Application example: Woolley Lane mast in Bath (successfully withdrawn) Doc or use this colour-coded adaptation.

Help doc for planning applications

This post may also be useful.

This article includes useful studies to cite: Epidemiological Research on Cell Towers


N.B. The Bristol campaign group is currently objecting to a vast number of masts and creating templates to assist in that. If you would like to contribute to /benefit from that process, please see the Masts section on the Bristol Campaign local page stop5g.co.uk/bristol.

You’re welcome to download and adapt their information page templates:

Prior Approval application

Full Planning application