Ofcom Consultation – Deadline 12 June

There is an open consultation Closing Date June 12th!!!

OFcom are proposing Telecoms self certify against ICNIRP guidelines being changed from “best business practice” to a requirement by Law.  We need to inform our councillors we do not want this and lobby them to object to the consultation.

Please would you  email  your councillors with the email below.   “Dear Councillor” below….putting their name in!

The email includes a request to them for  a follow up zoom or telephone call to discuss the points you have sent them and to discuss the  rebuttal document you attach to the email which has references to the science backing up why the ICNIRP guidelines are inadequate.

Don’t take lockdown as a reason for them not to engage with you, this is an open consultation with a fixed closing date on June 12th,  and they have to engage with you on this.

When you send this, attach the Ofcom-rebuttal-June2012.pdf which you can download here.

Dear Councillor xxx,

I am writing to you regarding this consultation which closes on June 12th.


Please would you oppose this until the following questions and issues are addressed.
I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss this with you by phone or zoom.

  • The ICNIRP guidelines have been ruled in the Turin court case to not adequately incorporate the results from the NTP and Ramazzini studies which show biological harm and cancerous affects. There are 2 cases being brought against the government which will address this issue, (one led by Michael Mansfield QC see actionagainst5.org ) Therefore, we do not want adherence to ICNIRP set in law.
  • Why is there no independent audit process of frequencies, power levels ?
  • The proposal requires Telecoms to self-certify their compliance, and only to keep records of that compliance. They are not requiring any audit or checking process at the time of turning on the equipment, this is not adequate to ensure public safety.
  • The proposal suggests it’s the last company on a  shared mast to make sure overall emissions from the mast do not exceed the guidelines. The systems by which this is managed are not defined.
  • Who is checking interference patterns in the environment? The consultation does not reveal any commitment to a programme of testing. Do we need an “electrosmog authority” like we have  a “rivers authority”?
  • Ofcom receive money for sale of bandwidth and they are responsible for overseeing adherence to ICNIRP guidelines. This is a conflict of interest.

I have attached a document with more detailed objections.


——–END OF EMAIL———————–

Thank you for taking action on this, this is important! If you have any questions, please join the Bristol,Campaign Zoom call on Wednesday for more guidance or if not possible, please reply to this newsletter.

N.B. You can also respond to the Ofcom Consultation as an individual in your own right.

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  1. Tried to respond to the Ofcom Consultation as an individual as well, but the consultation form on the ofcom site has been corrupted so its not possible to respond, hence there are no responses.


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