Protecting Our Immune Systems from Proven Harmful Effects from EMFs Including 5G

A growing number of people in the UK and internationally are increasingly frustrated that our governments (both central and local) are almost universally ignoring the enormous amount of independent, peer-reviewed scientific research that has identified the biological mechanisms through which exposure to EMF radiation causes damage to living cells and organisms; humans (especially children due to their thinner skulls), animals, insects (including bees and pollinators) and plant life.

Particularly, in these times of a serious global health crisis, we need to know that our government is acting responsibly to keep its citizens healthy with properly functioning immune systems. Surely it is not unreasonable to demand that any factors that have an adverse (or even a potentially adverse) impact on a healthy functioning immune response should be eliminated where possible or at least reduced?

EMF radiation exposure and now the planned increase in the spectrum of frequencies that we will be exposed to from 5G are a particular health concern. This is why local and regional campaigning groups over the last year have been calling for a stop to the roll out of this untested new technology until science demonstrates how it can be delivered safely.

There is a wealth of scientific knowledge backing up campaigners’ cause for concern. These are not fringe scientists who are raising the alarm. As an example, there are over 250 international EMF scientists who have signed a petition to the UN asking for the rollout to be stopped on health grounds – see EMF Scientist Appeal.


Below is a brief summary of some of the science:

From Physicians for Safe Technology

Can Radio Frequency Radiation Alter the Neuroendocrine and Immune System? 

Researchers are learning about the complex effects of non-ionizing radiation on the neuroendocrine and immune systems. Some research has shown adverse effects on the thyroid function, immune system functioning and DNA repair within immune systems. Glucose metabolism in the brain can be affected acutely.  Cell membrane effects with alteration of calcium channels and creation of reactive oxygen species may be one reasonable mechanism as this appears to be a common toxic molecular response in many other studies which can have many physiologic effects.

Quoting from a recent article from WHAT ARE 5G AND THE INTERNET OF THINGS?:

“There is much research linking wireless radiation with oxidative stress and adverse impacts on immune function (See, 123).  Professor Klaus Buchner, physicist in Germany and Member of European Parliament states, “There is clear scientific evidence that the spreading of viruses is accelerated by electromagnetic radiation.” Key points:

“Ronald N. Kostoff, Research Affiliate, School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology, explains in his recent monograph that radio-frequency radiation typically acts in combination, one increasing the impacts of the other rendering the immune system “…unable to counteract exposure to viruses as nature intended.”


Additional references relating to the effect of EMFs on the immune system

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What can you do to protect yourself and your loved ones?

  1. Limit your exposure to EMFs, particularly during lockdown when you may be tempted to spend longer than usual on your phone or on the internet – see our guidelines for yourself and your children.
  1. Share this information with your friends and community
  1. Demand that 4G and 5G radiation is reduced/eliminated as much as possible – at least for the duration of the current global health crisis. See our Take Action section for ways to do this.

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