International Stop 5G Webinar Panel Presentation

Watch this excellent presentation put together by the team at Stop 5G International for the Global Protest Day on 25 April 2020

Topics of International Significance in Efforts to Stop 5G

Please join us as we explore together challenges related to satellites, the internet’s footprint, impacts on wildlife, privacy and cyber security risks, the relationship between sciences and environmental hazards, and discuss legal actions currently underway.

(Please try to watch and share this Webinar on a hard-wired internet connection as wireless technologies consume far more energy than safe, fast, reliable and secure wired connections.)


Cece Doucette, Technology Safety Educator, will be moderating the panel and open with a brief overview of 5G.

Julian Gresser (Bio)

Olle Johansson (Bio)

Dr. Timothy Schoechle, Ph.D., International expert in computer and communications engineering technology and policy: Risks of Wireless: Loss of local control, privacy and surveillance, public health and safety, energy waste

Christian F. Jensen, Attorney-at-law, seasoned practitioner in the field of human rights and environmental law and GDPR among other things. 5G Legal Opinion and the Danish Initiatives

Elizabeth Kelley (Bio)

Katie Singer (Bio)

David Gee (Bio)


Some highlights of the presentation by a campaigner in Bradford on Avon.

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  1. A very useful Webinar Panel Presentation discussing strategies on combating the implementation of 5G.

    I certainly do not consent to 5G.


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