Template Letters

Below are template letters which can be adapted and used to send to public servants.

To minimise the risk of your letting being ignored as a ‘copy paste’ job, you may wish to personalise your letter with a brief intro paragraph before the main template text saying why you in particular are concerned, that you have done your own research as far as you are able (which could mean reading a few well-referenced articles or the space appeal for example, don’t need to specify) and have read and agree with the template content as far as you are able to understand it.

It’s generally important to make a personal connection – maybe introduce yourself, say if you have family, your occupation or whatever you feel so that your letter appeals to their humanity. Be helpful and remember that many public servants may be unaware of the dangers and/or not know how to proceed or where to go for reliable information. It’s good to build a relationship with your councilllor/MP, start gently but if your communications are ignored, follow up with harder hitting letters – and be aware that time is of the essence.

Where possible, send your letter both by email (easier to click on links) and also by post (possibly by recorded delivery) as physical letters often get more attention. You might want to suggest a Zoom meeting where you and maybe fellow campaigners can inform further and answer questions.

Additional suggestions:

  • Thank your representative for their service, and remind them of their responsibilities.
  • State your demand, i.e. halt 5G deployment in your city/community/country.
  • State that the ‘following information is from the Stop5G.co.uk national website. It gives facts and evidence that support the urgent need to halt 5G.
  • Copy and paste sections from template letter.
  • Best to send one page, space and a half.
Professor Olle Johansson reminds us in our letters to:
  • Remember that recipients are humans too
  • Make one demand and be extremely clear about it and the end point desired
  • Be clear e.g. ask for ‘safe’ not ‘safer’
  • Never allow ‘the other side’ to call the shots, but tell them  what we want first
  • Remind public servants that they work for us
  • Never accept patronising answers
  • Always make sure our message is 100% factually correct and not speculative
  • Keep letters short – especially for authorities and Press Releases
  • Phrase questions to get a simple Yes, No, Maybe or numerical answer
  • Never give up
N.B. A useful link to find your local councillor/MP contact details: writetothem.com


For Councillors

**NEW** (28.8.20) Letter about new UK Government Guide to 5G Mobile Technology:

Editable Download     View PDF

Councillor template A (ref OP)             Editable Download      View PDF

Appendices for Councillor template A    Editable Download      View PDF

Individual appendices for Councillor template A:

1. 5G technology: hazards and background
2. Council Frequently Asked Questions
3. Governments and organizations taking a stand
4. Research:
a. Primary studies that have found direct biological effects
b. Major summary papers, studies and statements
c. Environmental damage
d. Recent epidemiological and neurological studies
5. Critiques of exposure guidelines
6. Liability issues and legal duties of the council
7. Video presentations and documentaries
8. Key informative websites


Councillor template B (ref AP)             Editable Download      View PDF 


For MPs

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For Teachers

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