5 thoughts on “We Do Not Consent to 5G”

  1. I do not consent to the 5G mast that will be going up if they get the go ahead. It will be too close to my house, other peoples houses, shops and schools at Inns Court, Knowle.

    • I don’t consent to 5G mast in my area or any other area.
      Protect our children, the elderly and generally protect us all.

      • Goid afternoon Salah.
        Hope you and your family are well.
        We have just above our heads this week new 5G system being out into place for EE and Three.
        Very concerned about this on the health dangers for my and my family.

  2. I am all so more concerned about what it might do to our health as I live right on top of were it is going and I would most likely be able to see it when in my granden and righ in our view.


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