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This website is crowd-sourced.

If you have high-quality content that you would like to contribute, please read our guidelines below and then send us your content via our Contact Form.

N.B. If you are proposing to write a piece, please send us an outline before writing it so we can let you know if it would be suitable for our website or if similar content was already available or in process of being created.

If you would like to share a link relating to recent and significant news, please first check our Latest News page and then send your link via the Contact Form with Latest News in the subject line. News should relate to 5G in the UK or international news which has a global impact.


Content Guidelines


  1. Content should be factually accurate and include citations to peer-reviewed science where appropriate.
  2. Where opinion or speculation is used, this should be made clear that it is such and not fact-based.
  3. The narrative voice should be authoritative and informative rather than sensationalist and scare-mongering, although much of the material will undoubtedly elicit concern and fear.
  4. Content should not significantly duplicate existing content. Please check our website first and then contact us with your subject suggestion before drafting your piece.
  5. Content should be clear and easy to understand – jargon and acronyms should be explained.
  6. Main topics should include an overview (often a higher level of navigation in the website), with more details being available as links to additional pages or external links
  7. Where high quality information is available elsewhere online, it is generally useful to link to it, perhaps with a short overview rather then reproduce it in its entirety on this website. Please include the appropriate citation and ideally the date of the original article.
  8. Longer articles should include a summary.
  9. All text submitted should be spell and grammar-checked, properly formatted and submitted as a Word doc, ideally with external links already hyperlinked to relevant (anchor) text.
  10. Some of the above can be relaxed a little for blog posts as appropriate.
  11. All submitted material will be reviewed by our Website Review Team to ensure our standards remain high.

Text Review Process

Please ensure that you follow our Submission and Review Process.



If sending a video link for a video over 5 minutes long, please also send a description of the video. If the video is over 15 minutes long, please also send a list of key bullet points together with the time stamps which can be included under the video.



Where possible please send at least one image to accompany any text. This image will also appear on social media when a link to the page is posted.

Images should be sent as attached JPG or PNG files

Please state whether the image is your own image and give any citation or provide citations to any free or purchased images.

You may also suggested a link of an image to buy.



Content in Progress

Precautionary Principle

Safe levels/legal limits compared to other countries

Mast Objections

Debunking our critics


Required Content


Key short article and video links for Quick Intro section

Key letters to councillors/ministers

Alternatives to 5G

LED street lights

Cyber Security

IoT, AI, Facial recognition

5G & military use

Rollout across UK

Radiation Meters

Identifying 5G masts


N.B. Please also send us your requests for specific content.


Please send us your content via our Contact Form and follow our Submission and Review Process.


Website Team

If you would like to join our Website Content Creation Team and/or Review Team, please contact us.